meanwhile in the forest

Nick Bateman & Andrea Denver
Ser buena onda con alguien y que piense que te lo estas ligando, NO.
Tal vez no se quedó conmigo porque le daba miedo darse cuenta que yo lo quería como él no sabe quererse. – Marilyn Monroe

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No sabes lo que quieres porque nunca has querido lo que tienes.

Lucky Peach #12 is our SEASHORE issue. It is all about food from littoral realms—the spaces where land meets sea. We dive for abalone and gather seaweed off the California coast; we harvest honey in the Bangladeshi Sundarbans; we go behind the scenes at a shrimp farm in Indonesia, and spend a Sunday at the cockle sheds in Leigh-on-Sea. We learn lots about edible sea beasts, from clams to hagfish to sea squirts. Anthony Bourdain takes us on a stroll down a beach town’s memory lane; Robert Sietsema samples practically all the clams on Long Island; Stuart Dybek catches himself a perfect breakfast in the Florida keys. We share recipes from Vietnam and Portugal and the Oregon coast—we aren’t shellfish. Also in this issue: a special, detachable sixteen-page BEACH READS comic book to take on your seaside jaunts, featuring Jason Jägel, Tony Millionaire, and more. It’s summertime and the reading is easy. 
The Seashore issue hits newsstands on August 19th. Subscribe now to receive it as the first in your subscription!
Cover art by Robert Beatty
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